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Nutrition Discoveries Alen® and Eveliza®

Mankind has a very poor concept of health. For most people health is a normal, spontaneous part of life that is achieved effortlessly. But, this appearance is owed only to the presence of a dynamic stability which is perfectly preserved by nutrients, energy transformations and the elimination of metabolites. It is quite fragile and we have to be aware that even a small change could overturn our "biological machine", driving us to illness or death.
Unfortunately, reductionist or conventional medicine has made us believe that only sickness necessitates a search for cure. To sum up, we only consult a doctor when we feel sick and in the long run this misconception is disastrous and fatal.

Alen and Eveliza The research into nutrition, and subsequent creation of the products Alen® and Eveliza® were to started to end that trend. We must eat healthy to maintain good health, a very simple concept. Overloading, or supplementing a diet with specific vitamins, minerals, or nutrients, is also not the answer. A balanced diet of essential nutrition factors (all vitamins, minerals, and other factors), eaten and absorbed in a person's daily diet is essential to meet that goal.

The history and research summary below, articles and product information found elsewhere on this site should give you a sense of the science, and natural nature of these products. They are not pills, herbs, additives, nor preservatives. They are all-natural nutrition.

Alen and Eveliza Timeline

Alen and Eveliza Research Research began in 1974 using people from the countryside, and the cities (urban), of Ecuador. The research project covered a general clinical examination with special attention to external signs and a complete biochemical control consisting of 17 tests, plus urine and stool controls. After two years of research and the gathering of abundant data, we indisputably confirmed that the urban population displayed greater health complications than did the rural population.
The human population under study in the urban area where nutrition predominantly relies on sugar and starch, shows a biochemical state of special instability in the levels of blood glucose, with intense increase and decrease of insulin which creates a state of homeostatic imbalance. This group was then called endogenous insulin-dependent.
In view of this interesting situation, we focused our research on the study of nutrition so as to discover what factor, or factors, were missing and how much influence they had upon health. We started the study through the exploration of 4 essential elements: selenium, molybdenum, zinc, and a sulfur-containing amino acid like methionine. But we soon discovered that people were not only presenting deficiencies in these elements, but that in general terms, the lack of essential factors were completely random and very diverse.

All of these anomalous results made us believe that the partial study of nutritional deficiencies could not be performed on human beings as subjects but that we should expand our study to, for example, animals, where we could regulate and even eliminate essential nutrition factors. Special large sheds were built in order to house 5,000 chickens, the species chosen for the research. The reasons for the selection were first because this animal grows relatively quickly and we could have very specific information on the somatic changes within 8 weeks. Second, once the research was completed; the animals could be sold in the market so as to finance this research, which would have otherwise been too costly. Also, sheds were built for rabbits and "cuyes" ranging from 100 to 200 specimens. In this study we intended to carry out a control of the suppression of different essential factors in a systematic and progressive way as well as a control of the increment of these elements in order to verify the transformations in the animals' health situation.

After five years of work, we had gathered statistical data in which the different insufficiencies displayed by the chicken could be easily compared to the signs and symptoms presented by the human species. Food Pyramid In conclusion, the different nutritional deficiencies result in the varied health problems we all know; the number of infectious diseases either viral or bacterial increased in our animals, and involute or degenerative disorders were showing rapidly. We could create very unhealthy animals with a short life expectancy at will, only by means of reducing the amount of certain essential elements in their diet. Once we had acknowledged that ill health was related to an unsatisfactory diet, we decided to explore further by supplying the animals with so-called "good food". We started to feed them plenty of vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals and calorie compounds. It was not until some months later that we came to a strange realization; even though the animals had become strong, robust, and the sicknesses had obviously decreased, we realized that beyond week 6 the animals' metabolism changed, they became very greedy, fattening quickly, their heart weakened and many died from exudative dropsical diabetes or from an apparently unwarranted sudden death. These strange, paradoxical consequences led us to believe that the diet we were supplying to them did not have the necessary nutrients or that their proportion was not perfectly balanced however closely we followed the instructions of chicken-rearing manuals.

Carbohydrates were cut back, we used animal fats, not vegetable. When this type of food was ready (this took about 2 years) - we gave it to the animals and the result was spectacular; chickens, rabbits and 'cuyes' did not show the marks of nutritional deficiencies and the mineralized powder's dosage could be absolutely random. Even with great intake, no toxicity was shown. At this point, we considered we had obtained a very remarkable nutriment which from a simplistic point of view was nothing else than highly concentrated food that produced apparently miraculous results. We had created the first formulas for Alen.

In view of these remarkable and surprising results obtained during 5 years of work at the farm, having completed the nutritional experimentation under study as well as the gathering of the theoretical and practical efforts involved, we considered that we were ready for the next adventure; making this nourishment fit for the human being. It was then that the product Alen was finalized, and sales began to patients and the public.
Eveliza was created years later after we found many patients (I am a medical doctor) with more than just the "normal" nutrition needs. Taking Alen was sufficient to help them recover, but a higher concentration would have made the process faster. We also noticed that Alen, in a higher concentration, would help patients return to metabolic harmony in a process of weight loss and re-training of the body's metabolism. For those reasons, we created Eveliza.

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